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This site (which I haven't updated in ages) was an all anime site...but there's enough anime site things and there is too much anime for me to be commited. So instead, this is going to be an all Yuu Watase site! Yuu Watase is my favourite author ever! I even buy her books in Japanese and attempt to translate them. Yuu Watase rocks!

Here is a blog where you can talk about all this random Manga and Anime and stuff: Yuu Watase Creations Blog

This link has something to do with anime:

 Just cuz it's anime: Here's a FMA  game you can play! It's kinda boring but oh well...to play it click Fullmetal Alchemist - The Quest for the Philosopher's Stone and you can play! You use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump.


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